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4 fall trends that might just save 2020

Fall is quickly approaching-- and if you live in Omaha, you know the weather is ready for us to all have a wardrobe change. Whether you’re planning to mask up and head to the pumpkin patch, stay in and cozy up with a good book or movie, or simply just pop out for some crisp fall air, you deserve to do it in style. We’ve compiled some of our favorite trends to help you stunt on ‘em this new season.

Street Art

This one is for all our hypebeast hotties who are ready to rock in this season’s trending streetwear. Street art is popping up in many fall/winter looks, adding a loud, contemporary element to the cuts and styles we’ve seen before. Paul Smith and Heron Preston’s FW runway collections featured spray-paint-styled pieces that emulate the classic, colorful graphics from cities all over the world. This trend takes streetwear to a new level, literally bringing the details of urban environments directly to our clothing.

Red Monochrome 

Monochrome coloring is always a fun tool to experiment with in our wardrobes, creating collections and outfits around a common scheme. Bring some heat to the chilly season with bright hues that will have your friends saying “that’s fire.” Play around with patterns and accessories that compliment the warmth of the red focal point, too. Don’t be afraid to pop!

Baggy Pants

Your dad’s ill-tailored suits may have been embarrassing at your cousin’s wedding a few years ago, but this trend gives baggy clothing a new life! Combining style and comfort with a classic 90’s look, this trend gives you an opportunity to chill and take up the space you deserve. Pair with a graphic tee and chunky sneaker, and you’re off.

Patchwork Denim

Speaking of the perfect pair of pants, patchwork denim combines a beloved American piece with a greater global connection to color blocking and artistic stitching. Xander Zhou and Angus Chiang are just a few designers who brought this element to their FW collections, amping up the detailing of a traditional pant and incorporating the modern, distressed aspect that has become so popular.

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