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Sell Clothes in Omaha and Make More Money with These Tips

Sell Clothes in Omaha and Make More Money with These Tips

If you're like me, you regularly cycle through your wardrobe. You love seeing how much money you can make on your used clothes. As the best place to sell clothes in Omaha Nebraska we've got the insider info to help prepare you as a seller so you can achieve success by making the most money on your used clothes and accessories.

Know the Brand

It's really important to understand who you're wanting to sell to. Whether it's Scout: Dry Goods and Trade (or a similar store anywhere else) you have to market to them. Get to know the store you're interested in selling to before you bring your items in. Follow their social media activity and get a feel for what they sell and who their customers are. Ultimately, their customers are the ones you are looking to sell to. The store's buyers know what their clientele are looking for and they know what sells and what doesn't sell in their store. If you can see your items in their store, then you have a good chance of selling. Scout is one of the best places to sell used clothes in Omaha because people love buying from them so they have a higher-turn-over then some of the other buy-sell-trade shops. 

Think Like a Consumer

I know you have old clothes with some worn-out pockets and some barely noticeable holes in them, right? You may not be too keen to overly scrutinize the clothes you are looking to sell, but it will help you immensely to stop and think like a customer. Ask yourself "Would I buy these clothes in the condition they're in?" If the answer is "no", you should leave them behind. It's no good to the buyer when there are unwanted items thrown in with the more desirable items. If you do your best to be selective at the start, you will have more success at your local buy-sell-trade store. 

Come as You Are

You may think that if you dress differently when you come in to sell to us that you'll have a better chance of making a deal or getting more money, but that's unnecessary. Good buy-sell-trade stores like Scout: Dry Goods and Trade will pay you fairly despite how you look or what you wear! You don't have to be clever or have a fancy sales pitch either to sell clothes in Omaha or anywhere else. Let the products speak for themselves. If you have well-constructed garments and designer brands that look new, you will be compensated. 

Don't Give Up

Selling your items at a buy-sell-trade store is all about matching your inventory (your used clothes) with the store's shoppers. It's a matchmaking game. Please, don't take it hard (and definitely try not to take it personally!) if you can't make a deal, it just means that there wasn't a match. Never be afraid to come back and try again. Learn from the store's buyers what they're looking for and keep them in mind when you come across a match. The important thing is to never stop trying and not to take rejection too hard if it doesn't work out. Think of it as a date, or like setting your clothes up on a blind date.;)


We hope these tips helped! Be sure to come see us at our store in Dundee! We are where to sell used clothing in Omaha Ne. Our shop is at 5018 Underwood Ave, Omaha NE 68132. We'd love to see you! 

Yours in sustainable living, 

xo, The Scout Team

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