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Meet the Maker: Elen Grace Designs


Susan Boyer of Elen Grace Designs began her journey to making jewelry as a form of therapy. Developing her own pieces became a way to creatively express her inspirations. The rest is history! We are proud to feature her work in Scout this month and encourage shoppers to get to know Susan through her unique, natural designs. 

Scout: Tell us your story. How did you get involved in making jewelry? 

EGD: I started making jewelry back in 1998 while recovering from Brain surgery as a way of therapy. I also love jewelry and was spending way too much money on items everyone seemed to be wearing. I wanted things that were unique and one of a kind without having to pay the high price of custom pieces.

I recently dove into the world of polymer clay and combine that with my passion of recycling vintage and retro pieces and turning those into new and exciting pieces. The majority of my current items are earrings and those are what I currently have in my inventory.  

Scout: Tell us more about your creative process. What is your workflow/workspace like?

EGD: My studio space consists of a giant table that I have crammed into a corner of my bedroom. I believe when it comes to artist that we can find room just about anywhere when we need to be creative. My process usually begins with deciding the colors and patterns I will be using then start rolling out my clay slabs then I sketch out ideas for the actual designs. Then comes the cutting of each shape. Baking the clay is next and for me is the most stressful part of the process. If the clay isn't baked just right it will either over bake and burn or be under baked and crumble.

Once pieces are baked and cooled each one is sanded buffed and, depending on the piece, covered in a glaze. Then comes the drilling and construction. This is when I will incorporate the recycled components if I am using. I take pride in offering truly one of a kind items because no two pieces are ever alike.

Scout: What inspires you?

EGD: I take inspiration from nature and really look at every environment as an opportunity for ideas. I am obsessed with anything art deco and use the colors and geometric shapes of that era in many of my pieces.

Scout: Where can folks shop your goods?

EGD: I can be reached via email at Once I know that people are interested in what I do I would like to get a website or online shop started.

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