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Meet the Maker: Meg Rutledge of Milk & Daisy

Milk & Daisy is a brand developed by Omaha teacher Meg Rutledge, devoted to inclusivity, affordability, and being over all uniquely awesome. Meg specializes in screen printing kids and adult apparel and accessories. Get to know her below!

Scout: Tell us your story. How did you get involved in screen printing?

M&D: At the beginning of Covid quarantine in March, my husband Clark was laid off from his job.  As a teacher, I knew that we could not maintain our lifestyle on my salary alone.  So, I decided to start making signs and tees while our son napped and sold them to friends and family.  I spent an embarrassing amount of time on YouTube watching “how to” videos on screen printing, wood curing processes, website design, and brand building.  Being a teacher has really prepared me for this type of “teachable moment” i.e. husband loses job - figure out a side hustle.  Need to figure out how to do silk screen printing for high volume orders? Take a deep dive down YouTube.  See an opening for affordable and inclusive toddler wear?  Create a clothing line. 

Fast forward to today; Milk & Daisy has recently pivoted from custom signage to clothing and accessories.  After my toddler line quickly started to sell well online, I decided to do a small batch of adult tees and sweatshirts.  I care so much about the products that I make and I believe that shows in the quality and design.  This little side hustle of mine has now turned into an actual business.  One that I hope to be successful and sustainable.  I owe all of my success to my friends and family and to the Dundee community – their support has been monumental in the growth of Milk & Daisy.

Scout: What do you love most about that creative community here in Omaha?

M&D: The local creative community is such a collaborative and encouraging group of talented people, and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

There is such a wide range of talent in Omaha; everyone working with different mediums and having varying messages - the common denominator being our love for our city and the people that make Omaha such a special place.  I have been welcomed with open arms and have appreciate all of the guidance and advice I have received from local markers.  The support has really been incredible.

Scout: Tell us more about your creative process. What is your workflow/workspace like?

M&D: This summer, I turned our garage into my shop – mainly because all of my projects had taken over the main floor of our 1920’s home and because my dogs, Milk and Daisy, were constantly hijacking my paintbrushes and screen frames and using them as chew toys.  I also have created a little workspace for myself in the attic where I create my designs.  To be completely honest, making the time to be creative has significantly helped manage my anxiety about the pandemic.  When I go out to the shop, I turn on my music, turn off my over active brain, and get to work.  As far as my creative process, I have a few running lists of things that I want to create and phrases that make me laugh.  I will get an idea in my head and spend countless hours finding the perfect font, the right vintage tee material, the most universal color pallets, etc.  I have found that there is so much more than meets the eye that goes into design. 

Scout: What inspires you?

M&D: My son Hank is my main source of inspiration.  It really is something watching him grow, learn, and discover.  He is so engaged in everything he does.  As we grow into adults, we lose a bit of that wonder and he really reminds me every day to search for the simple beauty all around me.  My students have also always been a huge source of inspiration for me.  First Graders are so empathetic, observant, and resilient.  I have had so many moments that I will forever cherish in my classroom with these incredible future world changers. 

Scout: Where can folks shop your goods outside of Scout?

M&D: Milk & Daisy merch can be purchased locally at both Made in Omaha locations as well as online at

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