$1 SALE's at Scout

The Scout Dry Goods "world-famous" $1 Sale is ON PAUSE as we relocate! We will post on here and on social media when & where the next $1 SALE will be!

Heres some info about the $1 SALE:

Thousands of items are just $1 every Sunday at Scout! Items on hangers are EXCLUDED. Only items in bins are $1 each. Totally different items every week.

Follow our Denver shop on instagram @scoutdrygoodsdenver to find out 1st when the next Denver $1 Sale will be! At the last $1 Sale event, Scout was able to donate 20% of sales to the @coloradohealingfund !

Each item is ONLY $1!

Additional women's and men's clothing and accessories are added throughout the day as space becomes available. 

Every week there are TOTALLY different items!

We have women's clothing, men's clothing, and lots of fun accessories!

Then, on Monday's whatever doesn't sell from the $1 Sale gets donated to a local non-profit.

When you donate to Scout you're helping your community too! 

Doors open at 11am! Definitely do not miss this super-popular event!

We are where to sell used clothing in Omaha, Nebraska and Denver, Colorado.

We'd love to see you! 

Yours in sustainable living, 

xo, The Scout Team

line to get in to scout event (pre-covid)