We're so happy you want to know more about our sustainable clothing store! You've got questions, we've got answers! Let's get started!


"Where are you located?"

In Omaha, Nebraska there are a few brick & mortar locations:

LITTLE BOHEMIA: "Scout on 13th" 1404 S 13th St. in the artsy "Little Bo" neighborhood of Omaha. Next door to popular restaurant, Fizzy's and across the street from popular bar, Tiny House. Come explore Little Bo, there's a lot of personality and small femme owned and operated shops in this part of town.

(Hours may be extended based on events in the neighborhood. Check instagram @scoutdrygoods for the most current info.)

BRASS ARMADILLO: 10666 Sapp Brothers Dr. (Between Omaha & Lincoln, NE)

"When were you founded?"

We were founded in 2007, and opened our doors in Jan. of 2008. in Omaha, NE. We've are so thankful to our community and customers for our growth over the years! 

"What happens if I bring clothes and accessories into Scout to sell but Scout passes on them and I don't want to talk them back home?"

Your donation of unwanted clothing and shoes will help the local community in several ways!

Here's the break down:

1) Items are saved for the $1 SALE. Keep an eye on our social media to see when the next one will be!

2) Items that are unable to be sold are donated to a local nonprofit.  

"Do I need an appointment to bring items into sell at Scout?"

No, stop by with 60 items or less on Wednesdays 11a-2p

"So, like, what do you guys buy?"

We are interested in buying adult sized, quality, on-trend items for any gender. The items can be vintage or not vintage. We do our best to make selling at Scout fast and super easy!

"How is Scout different from consignment?"

At Scout, we want to make your life as easy as possible. So we buy items from customers outright. That means that we give you store credit or cash (your choice!) on the spot!

"Let's be real, the items I brought into sell are awesome. Why in the world didn't you buy any of them??!"

We promise we don't want to hurt your feelings!! We know it can be confusing when we don't accept items that you think we should. We totally get that!

The absolute, MOST COMMON reason we have to turn down items for the shop is simply because of "condition" issues.

We would LOVE to accept every single thing people bring in but, here's the thing, because we are (thankfully!) one of Omaha's most-loved clothing stores we have so many people selling us amazing clothes! This is a good thing because it means when you come in to buy clothes and accessories you're getting the best-of-the-best! But! It can be a bummer when you're selling TO US, because we simply can't take everything! We just don't have the space! That means that when it comes down to it, we can only buy items that are in SUPER EXCELLENT condition! 

The other reasons we wouldn't be able to accept items (even if they are new-with-tags) is because of things like: similar items not selling well in the shop in the past, already having too many in stock, the item is not currently fashionable, or, it may simply be out of season.

We hope you understand that if we don't take some/all of your items it is not personal and we still love you! 

"What's the deal with the Sunday $1 Sale??? Is EVERYTHING in the shop $1???

The $1 Sale is one of our most popular events! Keep an eye on our social media to see when the next one will be. We've been able to donate thousands of dollars to local nonprofits in our community because of the $1 Sale!

As space becomes available, we're often able to add items to the $1 Sale  throughout the day!

If you love the thrill of the hunt, then the $1 Sale is for you!  

After the $1 Sale anything left over gets donated to a local not-for-profit. Right now Scout in Omaha donates to the St.Vincent DePaul and Scout in Denver donates to Youth Org, Stout Street.

"Do I need to bring my items in on hangers?"

NO, it's actually much easier to look through items when they are simply folded or laying flat on top of one another. 

"Do you buy jewelry?"

Yes! Jewelry, shoes, bags and other accessories for anyone are great items to sell.

"How long will it take for you to look through my items?"

We've gotten pretty good at this so it *usually* only takes under 30 minutes, sometimes longer if items are higher end or from categories we don't see often. Once we review your items, you'll get cash or store credit for any items we can take for the shop.

"What has Scout achieved over the years?"

As a small, woman-owned business, we take great pride in providing jobs for our community, employing hundreds of amazing people since we first opened our doors in 2008.

It's because of our customers, supporters, and staff that we've had the success we've had over the years. From 2010 to the present, we've been voted 1st Place "Best Clothing Consignment Shop" in Omaha Magazine's Best of Omaha rankings. In 2020 we were named the "Best Women's Clothing Store" by The Reader. 2012 was the year we were honored to earn the title Champion of Small Business/Nebraska Small Business of the Year. In 2012 we were awarded "40 Under 40" by the Midlands Business Journal. KETV's named Scout Dry Goods & Trade the A-List Winner for Best Resale/Vintage Shop Omaha in 2011. And, we were "Best of the Big O" Readers Choice "Best Consignment Shop" by The Reader in 2009.

We've created the positive impact on the Earth that we set out to accomplish at the start of Scout Dry Goods & Trade. We've saved (and continue to save!) billions of items from the landfills by giving them another life with new owners. And, we support charities by donating countless van-fulls of clothing, shoes, hats, and bags to those most in need. In Omaha, we provide items to St.Vincent DePaul and Youth Org, Stout Street in Denver. 

"How did you come up with your name?"

We're named after the curious and personality-filled little girl in Harper Lee's book, To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout is also a very appropriate word for the hunting and gathering used to find amazing clothes and accessories to add to your wardrobe.

The "Dry Goods and Trade" part of our name comes from the time when clothes used to be more commonly known as "dry goods" and "trade" is because we buy-sell-trade!

Come see us!

We hope these answers to our most frequently asked questions was helpful! If you still have more questions simply send us an email or stop by the store to chat.  

We are where to sell used clothing in Omaha and Denver! Come on by our shops in Little Bo at 1404 S 13th St. in Omaha, Brass Armadillo Omaha Antique Mall open daily 9a-9p AND in Denver, Colorado we are at 51 N. Broadway.

We'd love to see you! 

Yours in sustainable living, 

xo, The Scout Team