Denver, the BUY ROOM is currently CLOSED to all sellers. We are not accepting any walk-in sellers or appointments to sell. Thank you


Omaha, General Info about selling at Scout Dry Goods & Trade in Omaha at 1404 S 13th St:

Thank you for your patience as we try to get more sellers through the BUY ROOM.

We are amping up our buying in Omaha and are now accepting sellers by appointment only at 1404 S 13th location.

If no buying appointments are shown as available, it means all they are all booked. Additional buying appointments will be added every 2 weeks. Check HERE to check buying appointments in Omaha.

Scout BUYS the BEST of ALL SEASONS! At this time we are currently looking for adult sized, any gender, Fall/Winter clothing, shoes, accessories & jewelry.

We want to give you CASH or *even more* in store credit on the spot for your adult sized, any gender, great quality used vintage and modern items. 

Scout gives the highest payouts: 50% in Scout Store Credit or 25% paid via Venmo, if you you don't already have a Venmo account please create one before your selling appointment.

Compare Scout payouts to online reseller payouts typically averaging 2%-20%.

Get the most from your former favorite items the easiest way by selling at Scout.


  • tshirts, dresses and casual hangout clothes

  • sneakers, boots and platforms!

  • sweaters, jackets and coats

  • don't forget to bring in your accessories! Jewelry, belts, bags, and hats all sell well at Scout

  • larger sizes in ALL categories, ALL SIZES WELCOME

  • pants, denim and jumpsuits

Don't forget to bring in CLEAN items off of hangers and NO MORE than 30 items per visit. We reserve the right to REFUSE SERVICE. Please, please, please bring in CLEAN items that you would be willing to purchase. Thank you!!!

Omaha - keep an eye on @scoutdrygoods on instagram for the most current information about WHEN, WHERE & HOW we'll be buying from clients going forward!

Thank you for supporting our sustainable & local small business and for keeping items IN circulaton for as long as possible.