Buy-Sell-Trade...How It Works


Currently BUYING for Fall/Winter!

All buying happens at Scout,

5018 Underwood Ave. in Omaha, NE 


Shop Hours: 11am- until at least 7pm Daily

Buying Hours: 11am-6:30pm Daily

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Plan on trading your items to keep the cycle going and get DOUBLE the cash payout amount

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What happens to items brought in to sell but Scout passes on and you also don't want them anymore?

 Your donation of unwanted clothing & shoes will help the local community in several ways. Items first go to the weekly $1 Sale Sunday.

Items unable to be sold during the $1 Sale are donated to a local nonprofit and will go on to further help Omaha area families.

If you would like more information about your donation or easy fund raising options through Scout, contact Kelly at knewell at scoutdrygoods dot com

Thank you!