Purchases $100 and OVER FREE SHIPPING!

Select 'Local pickup/in store pickup' to skip shipping costs if you are able to pick up your order from the Omaha, NE location!

Orders are shipped in waterproof & rip proof poly bags too reduce shipping costs.

Shipping costs are determined by weight. If shipping is less than anticipated-refunds of $2 or more will be given:

0.0 lb - 0.5 lb $3.95

0.6 lb - 1.5 lb $8.95

1.6 lb - 2.5 lb $11.95

2.1 lb - 3.0 lb $14.95

3.1 lb - 4.0 lb $18.95

4.1 lb - 5.0 lb $23.95

Your order will ship within 5 business days from purchase. Online exchanges must be initiated with 7 days of receipt of order.

Tracking number for order will be provided upon request.

At Scout, we make every effort to use as little packing as necessary and to reuse shipping materials whenever possible. If you choose 'Local Pickup' an email will be sent to you notifying you when your order is at Scout and ready for pickup! Open Daily 11am-7pm