Think Green

Every year, MILLIONS of pounds of textiles are tossed into landfills across the United States.

In our "disposable" society, almost-new clothes are thrown into the garbage without a second thought!

Scout: Dry Goods and Trade, a sustainable clothing store, gives you an easy way to part with clothing, rather than letting them fill up valuable space on our Earth.

By re-wearing and reusing clothes we're able to save precious natural resources, educe pollution and prevent the emission of climate changing greenhouse gases!

Did you know that the raw-material production it takes to manufacture new clothes is a resource and energy intensive process? It is an incredibly wasteful and harmful process!

Every item of clothing and every accessory we can re-use and save from the landfill is a big benefit to our one-and-only planet.

Scout is a B.Y.O.B. store, as in Bring Your Own Bag. 

When you make a purchase at Scout, instead of automatically putting your purchase in a bag and giving you a receipt we will first ask you if you need either. Turns out, most people don't! It seems really simple, too simple even, but of course little things like that really do add up.

Here are a couple interesting facts as to why Scout is a BYOB store:


Yours in sustainable living, 

xo, The Scout Team