Think Green

Millions of pounds of textiles are tossed into landfills across the United States each year.

In our "disposable" society, almost-new clothes are thrown into the garbage without a second glance. Scout provides you with a convenient option to part with your reusable clothing, instead of letting them fill up valuable space on our Earth.

By re-wearing and reusing clothes we save precious natural resources, reduce pollution and prevent the emission of climate changing greenhouse gases. The raw material production and manufacturing of new clothes is a resource and energy intensive process. So every item of clothing saved is a big benefit for the planet.

Scout is a B.Y.O.B. store, as in Bring Your Own Bag. When you make a purchase at Scout, instead of automatically putting your purchase in a bag & giving you a receipt we will first ask you if you need either. Most people don't. It seems really simple, too simple even, but of course little things like that really do add up.

A couple interesting facts as to why Scout is a BYOB store. Commercial bag production requires vast amounts of oil, 100 million a week end up in landfills and can take up to 1,000 years to break down and end up polluting our soil and water; and  thousands of marine mammals die every year from eating them, mistaking them for food. Think about asking other stores you visit to become BYOB stores.

*If you made a purchase on and selected that it be shipped to you, Scout will make every effort to reuse packaging rather than use new packaging materials.